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The American Senior Fitness Association

Mobility  Strength • Motivation • Balance

Action Certification


This is the place for healthier, gentler exercise instruction tailored specifically for the Active Aging older adult, the homebound, all gentle exercisers, and everyone interested in a supportive and individualized pace for developing:

Mobility, Balance, Strength, Confidence,

Mental Sharpness and the Ability to Relax.


About Me

I'm Joel Minton, a former school teacher in adult education. I switched careers to become an NCCA accredited certified personal trainer in order to provide the best of in-home and on-site personal training, mindful meditation, balance and coordination exercises for seniors and the homebound.  I am able to offer a range of services at your home or facility to help you reach and stay at the top of your game. Become invigorated as you gain strength, vitality, alertness, focus, and confidence in your Active Life!


Offering customized programs for you or your loved one.

Let's work on your goals together!

  • Easy, Fun Joint-Friendly Movement through Range of Motion

  • Gentle and Safe Practice for Fall Prevention

  • Responsive and Practical Step-by-Step Strength Development

  • Mindful Awareness & Coordination Exercises for Alertness

  • Relaxation and Visualization Techniques

  • Invigorating, Cheerful Interactions and Positivity!       

Physical Fitness,  Mobility, Balance 

American Senior Fitness Association Certified Personal Trainer,

NCCA Accredited ACTION Certified Personal Trainer

Mental Training, Coordination,


Certificate in Brain Fitness for Older Adults from American Senior Fitness Association


Certificate in Advanced Nutrition from ACTION Certification Governing Board

Instructional Methods

Postgraduate Professional

Pre-K through 12

Teaching License 

from Virginia Board of Education



I strive to accommodate your schedule!

Sunday through Friday: 6am - 10pm
Saturday: 8am - 5pm

Call today to reserve your time!



Personal and Small Group Training

Emphasizing Enjoyment, Motivation, Lifestyle, Posture,

Balance in Movement, Pain Reduction, and Safety

For Your Greater Quality of Life

Senior Citizen Exercise Class
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Satisfaction Guaranteed 


Research-Grounded Methods

Sensible, Enjoyable, and Effective Programs for Seniors 

"It's not the years in your life,

but the life in your years."

-Lawrence Biscontini



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Serving Northern Virginia, Washington DC, and Montgomery County, Maryland!


What's New?

"In-studio" with client Moe Roddick, Founder and CEO of Electric Elders of Virginia.

Visualization Exercise

with Biofeedback


"Working with Joel was a great experience because he did not push me too hard and had the right approach for working with someone recovering from an injury. Other personal trainers I worked with just did the usual extreme exercises that would leave me in pain and susceptible to further injury. I did not have this worry with Joel at all . . . I highly recommend him to anyone looking for personal training."

-Moe Roddick

"For elderly people who have tried hard to gain back their physical mobility and were dissatisfied with ordinary senior workout classes, Joel's unique blend of physical exercise and mental mindfulness can be the ideal solution.

"Unlike the usual senior workout classes, Joel's fitness program applies . . . visualisation and targeting techniques that successful athletes use." 

-E. Talu

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